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Functional Medicine is the pioneering discovery in Cure & Prevention of Chronic Diseases

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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is an evidence-based clinical strategy that combines cutting edge medical research with a holistic, systemic approach to identify the underlying root-causes of disease and biochemical imbalances in the body.  Functional medicine views the entire body as whole. The knowledge that everything is interconnected, and any input can have wide reaching, systemic impact, provides a more effective way to view health, disease and cure.


Healthy Weight

A proper anti-inflammatory diet is an excellent way to lose weight if there are no other issues that can prevent the weight from coming off no matter how much we diet. This condition is commonly known as “Stubborn Weight”.  Stubborn weight issues have serious underlying causes, which cannot be reversed by diet alone.



The high doses of nutrients often found in nutraceuticals are helpful for reversing and preventing deficiencies. This is important since the modern diet usually fails to provide sufficient quantities of many essential vitamins and minerals. The biologically active formulation of Global transformation Longevity products ensures that your body can absorb the product well, thereby, providing optimal health benefits.


Ozone Therapy

Ozone is naturally occurring, highly reactive molecule consisting of 3 atoms of oxygen. Because ozone is so reactive, it is able to stimulate (fibroblasts) and (chondroblasts) repair of connective tissue and bone from injury.


Healthy Gut

Gut Symbiosis versus Dysbiosis

When the body and those pounds of non-human microbes living inside our guts (the gut microbiome), are in harmony, we are in SYMBIOSIS: a balanced, mutually beneficial relationship between us and those several hundred species of alien bugs. The gut, brain, and the rest of the body are in balance – in health, free from disease.



Depression is a national and global epidemic. In the United States alone there are over 12 million people who suffer from depression, and that number is rising at an alarming rate. The causes of this mental disease can range from thyroid, Adrenal dysfunction, and dysbiosis, to nutrient deficiencies/chemical toxicity exposure.



For those of you who are living on daily doses of over-the-counter allergy medication, we have got some great news: you CAN cure seasonal allergies naturally and ditch the side effects of those drugs.


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is behaviorally defined by impairments in communication, social interactions, and repetitive stereotypic behaviors. Many children with ASD also experience gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms such as irregular bowel movements. A number of studies have described the presence of GI inflammation and altered immune function in children with ASD and GI symptoms. In these children, the presence of GI symptoms is often associated with increased irritability, tantrums, aggressive behavior, and sleep disturbance. In known diseases that affect the gut such as celiac disease, changes in behavior are also seen and support a link between GI function/symptoms and behavioral changes in ASD.


Happy life

“The most powerful antioxidant that you have never heard of and the bad news is that our poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation all deplete our body’s glutathione levels.”

Glutathione plays a critical role in the body, responsible for clearing out toxins from our cells, chelating heavy metals, regulating our immune function and reducing inflammation. Our body uses glutathione to naturally detoxify itself on a constant basis, stores are used more rapidly when fighting infection, illness or disease. Stress and environmental toxins can also deplete GSH stores.



Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. Inserting needles and applying heat or electrical stimulation at very precise acupuncture points does this. The classical Chinese explanation is that channels of energy run in regular patterns through the body and over its surface. These energy channels, called meridians, are like rivers flowing through the body to irrigate and nourish the tissues. An obstruction in the movement of these energy rivers is like a dam that backs up in others.


Q & A

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Dermal Fillers

Add volume, create angles and freeze the hands of time with injectable cosmetic medicine. As a smart alternative to cosmetic surgery or complementary procedure to help you look your best, learn more about your choices to figure out what might work best for you.




Lip augmentation

Ozone face and neck lift

If you’ve ever desired that you could regenerate your skin to get rid of acne, stretch marks, or other cosmetic flaws, ozone Injection might be what you need. This simple, non-invasive technique uses ozone, a natural, highly oxidative gas, to revitalize skin that’s dull or damaged. In contrast to other treatments that simply cover up symptoms for a while, ozone Injection heals the root of your skin problems, leaving your skin looking healthier, firmer and younger after the treatment. Almost anyone can benefit from ozone Injection. Whether you’re battling scarring, stretch marks, cellulites, or the natural aging process, aesthetic ozone Injection can help you regain healthy, unblemished skin.


PRP Skin Rejuvination

Anti Aging by Latest and most Advance PRP Skin Regeneration Therapy

PRP Skin Regeneration Therapy, a type of regenerative medicine with the patient’s own blood, uses components called platelets in the blood to rejuvenate the skin. Based on an innate wound-healing ability, the therapy is performed by injecting components collected from the blood and is associated with no risk of allergy or infections. The safe therapy has been studied and applied in a variety of fields. It is indicated for a wide variety of conditions; it is used for the treatment of trauma and burn in the department of plastic surgery and also used as an adjunct to implant therapy in the department of dentistry


Cryogenic Stem Cell Therapy

Healthy aging is the driving force behind the work of daring visionaries -- researchers, scientists and physicians -- who are challenging disease, aging and death itself with their breakthroughs in bioscience and biotechnology. Their revolutionary discoveries are changing the way we live, regenerate and age.

One such visionary is Noel Santana Aguilar, Ph.D., H.M.D., the pioneer in the innovative technology of Stem Cell Skin Therapy. Dr. Aguilar broke the code for younger-looking skin through the revolutionary DNA CryoStem Skin Therapy System. Dr. Aguilar developed his technology based on a well perfected technique known as Hibernated Biogenesis, the direct utilization of cryogenically preserved (frozen) embryonic serum containing skin stem cells.

Skin cells are like people. They start off fresh and full of energy. As time passes, every cell loses strength and becomes more independent as its surrounding tissue deteriorates and simply runs slower and rougher. The result is progressive aging over the entire body. Just as with humans, cells need other cells for information, support, nourishment and direction. For skin to work the way it does, every cell must work in perfect unison with its surrounding tissue. That is how burns are repaired and cuts are healed.


Skin Stem Cell Infusion

How It Works 
Works by stimulating body's own collagen production through micro scarification prior to the introduction of embryonic Stem Cells , thereby reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture.
A sterile very fine needles is used to create microscopic channels deep into the dermis of the skin to stimulate your body’s own collagen production. 

These channels also increases the penetration and the effect of embryonic proteins and serum (including stem cells)  more than 1000 times. DNA Cryo Stem Cell serum contains fresh frozen collagens, essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins, elastin, hyaluronic acid, RNAi, DNA, Lipid, enzyme, fibroblasts, growth factors, amino acids with no irritants or addition of chemical preservatives creates a biological supremacy over aging. 

The Stem Cell Infusion Therapy penetrates the skin from 20 to 90 times per second with an adjustable speed, and from a .25mm to 2.5mm depth, depending on the area being treated.


Stem Cell Infusion Therapy

Works by stimulating body's own collagen production through micro scarification and an embryonic DNA Cryo Stem Cells serum contains fresh frozen collagens, essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins, elastin, hyaluronic acid, RNAi, DNA, Lipid, enzyme, fibroblasts, growth factors, amino acids with no irritants or addition of chemical preservatives creates a biological supremacy over aging, thereby reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture.


DNA Skin Care System

At the DNA Health Institute, we address the aging process with a whole body wellness approach. We have developed treatments and products that are 100% natural, chemical and preservative free. The treatments yield dramatic results without skin tissue trauma, pain or recovery time. The all-natural products enhance the esthetic image while supporting skin and systemic wellness.

All ingredients used in the DNA CryoStemTM Skin Care product system are rich in organic phytochemicals, organic phytonutrients, organic plant antioxidants, plant fragrances (no artificial fragrances added), therapeutic grade essential oils, flower essences,essential flower and seed oils, organic fresh elastin, hyaluronic acid, DNA, collagens, proteins, minerals, vitamins, lipids and nutrient rich ocean vegetation. All of our ingredients have a beneficial biological effect on human skin. By carefully sourcing natural ingredients and applying the basic scientific principles of ionic chemistry DNA Health Institute proudly formulates products without the use or need for petrochemicals, synthetic colors, fragrances,chemical preservatives, binders, thickeners, and other artificial ingredients. We create all natural products to ensure the safety and welfare of our consumers and we maintain the highest-standard of product quality by purposefully excluding ingredients that are “standard” in the skin care industry. Many of these ingredients can be detrimental to skin and body health and some are potent carcinogens. (Please click on harmful ingredients for a list of the potentially harmful ingredients that are commonly used in many skin care products and cosmetics)


Ionic Polymer Peels

Those of you who have had the pleasure of enjoying one of our DNA Organic facials, you can attest to their amazing results and organic advantage. Now, in addition to the regular options we provide, you can reap the benefits of our new, individualized DNA Micro-Peels. These three exfoliating add-ons: the Glyco-Ionic Polymer Peel, the Lacto-Ionic Polymer Peel and the Sal-Ionic Polymer Peel all smooth and tighten the skins surface and do so without irritation because they contain nothing synthetic.


Elos Laser Technology

While lasers were invented in the mid-60s, it wasn’t until the mid-70s that the technology had evolved enough to be used safely for dermatological applications. In 1991, physicist Dr. Shimon Eckhouse invented and patented intense pulsed light (IPL), a significant advancement over conventional lasers. A quantum leap occurred in the year 2000, when master physicist, Dr. Michael Kreindel, “combined” IPL technology with bi-polar radio frequency (RF) to create electro-optical synergy or elos as it is now known. This revolutionary technology platform soon set new standards in safety and efficiency for a wide range of medical aesthetic procedures.


Dr. T

Human bio-network is the way the human body functions. Human bio-network, like any other system, works well only when all its internal and external elements are healthy and in harmony with one another.

In Functional medicine, which is an integrative, science-based healthcare approach, we treat illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the biochemically unique aspects of each patient; then, we individually tailor interventions to restore physiological and structural balance.

By doing so, we are able to restore healing and promote longevity; thus, partially restoring and significantly slowing the process and the undesired aspects of aging.

Unlike the traditional doctors' visit and 15 minutes assessments, our unique formulation and approach fine-tune the individual's bio-network and genetic makeup, allowing the patients to set goals and often succeed beyond their expectations.

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