Face-lift Without Surgery

Face-lift Without Surgery

In our Clinique we go far beyond the common face-lift without surgery. In addition to regeneration of the skin through the use of Human Umbilical Cord cells and utilizing the effective dermal fillers, which stimulate your own collagen along with the use of Xeomin to relax the targeted muscle for minimizing premature aging, we create a natural and lasting face lift without down time or any side effects.

This procedure is customized for each client, based on their skeletal features, age, amount of tissue loss, and the skin condition.  We apply the same artistic principles of a good makeup artist, who does not apply a ton of makeup to the face of a celebrity, but works expertly with the facial highlights to enhance the natural beauty of his or her client.  We know that in most instances only a subtle change in certain areas of the face can make a world of difference.  Thus our clients walk out from our procedure room with confidence, knowing that they look great, not different.

We want your friends’ reaction to be “wow you look great”, not to look the other way, or say, “Ohhh, you look different”.


Our Xeomin injection will not give you an expressionless linoleum face – and our dermal fillers will not puff-up your face like a stuffed toy.  You will be recognizable, you will be YOU with a beautiful face and looking at least 10 years younger naturally.

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