Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight Management

A proper anti-inflammatory diet is an excellent way to lose weight if there are no other issues that can prevent the weight from coming off no matter how much we diet. This condition is commonly known as “Stubborn Weight”. Stubborn weight issues have serious underlying causes, which cannot be reversed by diet alone.

Some of the most common underlying causes of the stubborn excess weight are:

  • Chronic stress
  • Underactive thyroid
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Heavy metals and toxic overload

It is typical for a person to increase the consumption of sweets and snacks during periods of heavy stress. Although that by itself can prevent the process of weight loss, that is not all. Both human and animal bodies respond to stress by going into their fight or flight mode, which activates the powerful anti-stress hormone called Cortisol.

The side effect of this powerful defense hormone “Cortisol” is weight gain. Medical research has shown that animals under stress gain weight without an increase in their food intake. Cortisol increase due to chronic stress tends to stay up, causing a long-term obstacle for weight loss. Feelings of being overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated are clear signs of stress that one must avoid, in order to begin the process of healing. 12 million of the estimated 20 million people in the United States who have Thyroid malfunction are not
aware of their problem. Gaining weight without overeating, or having difficulty losing weight while on a proper diet is a clear sign of hypothyroidism. Underactive thyroid is unable to control and regulate body’s metabolism. Slow metabolism equals low energy production, which results in low body temperature, anxiety, fatigue, muscle ache, joint pain, and weight gain. In conventional medicine, doctors use only one or two tests for thyroid, but doctors of functional medicine use the full range of all thyroid tests. Hormonal imbalance includes insulin, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone are also known causes of stubborn weigh loss, among other health issues. Insulin irregularity causes weakness, craving sugar, and belly fat. In addition to sexual performance, sex hormone imbalance leads to loss of muscle, weight gain, memory loss, difficulty sleeping. Functional medicine doctors reuse the full range of functional hormone testing to address the underlying cause of stubborn weight and other issues that patients may have. Toxic overload is consistent with living in modern society. We regularly come in contact with, inhale and ingest mild to heavy doses of lead and other heavy metals, harmful chemical, medicines, air pollution, and other poisons. All of which accumulate in our body, causing serious damage to our endocrine system, immune system, and vital organs in our bodies. Protection from toxins and natural detoxification are essential parts of functional medicine. Diet optimization for effective weight loss and healthy living. When the underlying causes of weight gain have been brought under control, and additional effort is needed to reach the desired weight and proper body mass, it is time to pay attention to calorie consumption. One must remember not to be obsessed with the calorie count, which will cause stress, but to be conscious of the number of calories consumed, compared to calories burned. We must realize that excess calorie from healthy food will also contribute to weight gain. Electronic calorie trackers that can be downloaded to smartphones could be a less stressful method of keeping track of calories burned versus calories consumed. Avoiding highcalorie foods and reducing portion sizes is the easiest and the most effective way to reduce excess calorie consumption. Properly balanced foods All three macronutrient groups are necessary for a healthy and well functioning body. Carbs can spike the blood sugar, and fat is higher in calorie than protein, so are fruits, but they should not be eliminated from the diet. In fact, we now know that healthy fat is beneficial, and necessary for the body to function properly. The important thing to remember is a proper balance for each
individual. Eliminating sugar, cutting back, but not eliminating fat, reducing consumption of sugary fruits and fruit juice can drastically lower the amount of sugar in our diet. Carbohydrates can be obtained from green vegetables instead of pasta and sweet potatoes.

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