Actress Laura Prepon

``I love all of the products from DNA Skin Institute because I know the ingredients that DNA Skin Institute uses are organic, pure, and chemical free. What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put into it. People are always wanting me to try their skin care lines and most of them are filled with chemicals that deplete your skin of nutrients. After a long day on set, wearing makeup for hours and reapplying to always look camera ready, I rest assured knowing that my skin will heal and hydrate with DNA Skin Institute products. My favorites are the CryoStem Lift Stick, Photo Collagen Night Creme, and the Hydro Blend.``

Erika Christensen - Actress, Singer

``It has always been a priority for me to put natural products in and on my body. DNA Skincare products are completely organic - completely organic meaning the products are well beyond the percentage of organic ingredients required to be certified ``organic``. DNA is 100% organic. As an expectant mother, this has become even more important to me! Recently I went to Hawaii and protected myself (and my baby belly!) with the DNA Ultimate Sol Protection SPF 28.The integrity of this company is such that I have peace of mind putting my trust in them, which is both a relief and a time-saver. Thanks for your commitment, DNA.`` - Erika Christensen, Actress, Singer, Mom To Be``

Nia Peeples - Actress, Recording Artist, TV Host

``DNA Skin Care System is everything we know we want: it’s powerful and effective. It’s 100% natural and chemical and preservative free. But it’s also all the things we didn’t know we could have. But what I love most about DNA is the whole body wellness approach. At DNA Skin Institute they know that my skin on this face is actually an organ which is part of an amazing system called my body, ME! Everything I put on my skin winds up in my system and either add to the quality, function, and longevity of my life or diminishes it.``


``Most products out there deplete and strip your natural skin resources while attempting to solve the problems of aging and wear and tear. WHAT I LOVE about DNA CryoStem products is that they, in turn, provide resources that enhance my skin instead of depleting what I naturally have to solve the problem.``

Dr. Julie Taguchi, MD. Hematology & Medical Oncologist, Author of “Sex, Lies, & Menopause

``The perfect blend of Science, Organics, and results! DNA Skin Institute has merged the best of all worlds into their professional line of skin care products. All while avoiding harmful and toxic ingredients. It's what I use and what I recommend to anyone that asks!``

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``The emphasis DNA Skincare places on chemical free, 100% natural skin care is just one of the many reasons I love them. I incorporate their powerful products into my beauty routine every day. Their scrubs, moisturizers, serums and CrystoStem Frozen products are all non-toxic and work wonders on my skin! Why use anything else!``


TV Host Louise Roe

``DNA Phyto Collagen Night Creme is like a drink of water for my skin.``


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